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TPG to attend TFM&A Event

Fuel for Modern Marketing Minds.

Here at TPG we’re gearing up for a packed week of TFM&A, that’s Technology for Marketing and Advertising, at the UK’s largest multi-channel marketing, media and advertising event. The event is being held in Earls Court, London, on the 25th and 26th February and boasts attendance of  over 11,000 industry professionals from leading companies.   The event hosts material for every sector imaginable, from investment and asset management

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Happy Valentines – “Dumb Ways to Die” style

Dumb Ways to Die – Valentines Special

Fifteen months and 71 million YouTube views after launch McCann

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Net-a-Porter break the publishing mould

Net-a-Porter break the publishing mould

Vogue has a new rival in the form of Net-A-Porter’s new venture; a luxury, glossy, 248 page magazine newly titled “Porter”. Porter is hoping to revolutionise the publishing world as the first “shoppable” magazine.

Thanks to the magazine’s new technology Net-a-Porter is giving customers the opportunity to buy directly from Using image-recognition software, readers can use either use their smartphones to scan the page, or click on an image via a digital edition. This disruption to the existing publishing model will offer new ways for luxury brands to reach consumers as brands buying ads are handed digital and print as well as the ecommerce links that enable shoppers to buy direct from the magazine.

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The Apple doesn’t fall far from the fame.

As Apple Mac recently turned thirty, we think it’s important to look at the iconic leaders who have helped push Apple to become one of the leaders of the digital age. Obviously we have to pay homage to the great Steve Jobs for his unique approach and dedication to the Apple product…but hang on? Which other figures have been affiliated with Apple?


An absolute abundance of leaders and great minds have been involved in Apple campaigns since 1984. Let’s take a walk down Mac lane.

In 1983 when Jobs heard the proposal for the 1984 advert he was sold. It is said that he wanted the world to see their way out of the control of IBM computers and break free into the revolutionary world of Apple Mac. At the time IBM already had the nickname ‘Big Blue’, so to parallel this with ‘Big Brother’ was too much of sweet opportunity for Jobs and his Marketing team to pass up. With the direction of Ridley Scott and the discus thrower Anya Major playing the strong revolutionary leader in the ad, it was an immediate triumph and a turnaround for the computer company.

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Copycat Birds?

images (1)

Here we pose a question that marketers and innovators front around their inspired boardroom tables everyday: How can new trademarks spark originality and uniqueness without being a longstanding, familiar or existing brand? TPG investigates.

The latest case of alleged copycat branding has been launched by the popular clothing brand Jack Wills against the established department store, House of Fraser.

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Direct Response…where did it all start?

As a direct response agency ( our TPG Media arm), we felt the need to find out where our business started and by who?

Obviously, it’s impossible to put our finger on which company coined the Direct Response Method, but over the years it is interesting to observe the domino effect which has revolutionised the marketing world. Here we take a trip down corporate memory lane to discover who the pioneers of direct response might have been.

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What makes TPG a cut above the rest?

The face of the commercial world has changed. In fact, there has been a total shift in its infrastructure. With the rise of social media and web forums staging a coup on face to face business, we have designed a way to move forwards with the progression of technology in the virtual world. We have done all this, and we still manage to keep our interactions personal and tailored to suit our clients. How? We are a one-stop -shop for your publishing and media needs.

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TPG Life

TPG festivities.

Here at TPG we have just celebrated our most successful year to date with an early, but very festive Christmas party. We dressed up to the nines, and marched in our droves to Beach Blanket Babylon, Shoreditch, to revel in the growth and achievements of 2013.

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